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The new Yamaha YAS-62S 04 Mark IV Professional Alto Saxophone:

The YAS-62S alto is Yamaha's classic standard professional saxophone and it is still hand manufactured in Japan. The new fourth generation YAS-62S 04 began production in the late fall of 2016 for the Japanese market only and is expected to be introduced in the US market after the 03 generation model has been sold out.

What's Included

  • New 4th generation 2017 Yamaha YAS-62S 04, full retail kit
  • Silver lacquered finish
  • New, narrower 62 neck replaces G1 to provide faster response and greater control
  • Key of Eb
  • Range to Hi F#
  • Front F
  • Drawn tone holes
  • New octave key
  • Improved low B-C# connection for better response of the lower notes
  • Moisture resistant silicon-treated leather pads
  • Blue steel springs for improved action
  • Annealed body, bell, and bow for superior tone
  • Adjustable thumb rest for comfort
  • Hand engraved design
  • Customized key shape for more natural feel, comfort, and faster response
  • Yamaha AS4C mouthpiece and strap
  • Yamaha case ASC-600E

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