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The Fuzz Head is designed like no other fuzz effect. Enjoy a lead boost that’s a blend of fuzz and overdrive. • NPN Germanium transistor, the heart of this pedal! • Additional gain stage, a Darlington Pair of high gain silicon transistors for tons of volume output. This is great for over-driving tube amps or other overdrive pedals. • Buffered output so that it can drive pedals or amps with a high current and low impedance signal. It’s also great for driving chorus or other modulation pedals, transistor amps, etc. • True-bypass to offer a true signal when the pedal is off. True-bypass switching can pop when turned on and off the first couple times. Switch it a few times to discharge any voltage. • Large blue LED, a Keeley Trademark! • Silicon/Germanium Toggle switch. This is a gain style switch. The “SI” mode inserts two silicon diodes in the distortion circuit so you can have a modern twist on a vintage sound. In the “SI” mode there is a slight increase in the fuzz and compression for more sustain. The “GE” mode is natural and open sounding. This is a subtle difference dependent on other settings. • Very transparent and dynamic. Roll back the volume on your guitar for clean sounds, a variety of tones, textures, and natural Fuzz/Overdrive! • Internal gain and tone controls. The gain control lets you set up the range of the external drive control for more or less Fuzz - Perfect for fine-tuning light overdrive tones to a roaring Fuzz. The tone control allows you to determine how much low or high end compliments your fuzz tone. • Simple to set up and use the lead boost! Use in conjunction with our Keeley Modified TS9, BD-2, DS-1 for a great dual pedal setup!

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